Our Philosophy

Consolidation of our business divisions in domestic and global markets through our human talent.

With the new Energy Reform in Mexico, we are your best option to make your business grow with these new rules.

In GRUPO CLISA, we strive to meet the expectations of our customers or business partners, Consequently, our companies have the most recognized...


We are a major player in the marketing of coal and petroleum coke in Mexico.

Maritime Terminal Specialized in mineral and energy bulk.

Sale and distribution of products and spare parts for industry, freight transportation, automotive,...

Our experience and knowledge of the energy sector in Mexico positions us, as a strategic partner, for the development of energy projects under the new rules of the sector.


Your Strategic Partner.


RC Energy

RC Energy es un Joint Venture entre Rainbow Energy Marketing Corporation...

Nueva Era Pipeline

Nueva Era Pipeline, LLC is a partnership between Howard Midstream Energy...


ºPower Plant of Combined Cycle
ºCapacity of 340MW
ºGeneration scheme for self consumption...


ºPhase II - Increased capacity of 3 million tons
ºSpecializing in bulk and mineral terminal...